Entrepreneur Alex Mendieta


Among the great stories that the world has seen, Alejandro Mendieta Blanco truly makes awe of the amazing personality he had. Famously known as Alex, Alejandro Mendieta Blanco was nothing close to an ordinary entrepreneur and philanthropist. Today, for the very first time, we are going to humbly present to you a true insight into his great works, how he began, his tough struggles, and all his fantastic achievements. Coming directly from the people who have known him personally, from celebrities to old assistants, this compilation of true stories are so beautifully put together that it will make your heart heavy with happiness!

Alex’s Early life

Coming from a well-off family, Alejandro Mendieta Blanco was born in Colombia. He had a beautiful and loving childhood, but it all ended when his father lost all of his fortunes when Alex was nine years old. His father, a Columbian doctor, suffered a terrible loss, which greatly affected the family in every harsh way. Ironically, in many interviews that Alex gave back in the day, he has mentioned that this event had changed his life and that it was perhaps the best thing that had happened to him. I experienced first-hand what it was like not to have money; not having money was embarrassing, frustrating, and I saw my parents constantly fighting. So I made myself a promise that I would become rich no matter what. When I grew up, I never forgot that promise and the pain that came from not having money”.

At the humble age of 15, Alex was moving forward sharply and did something that perhaps no 15-year old would think of doing at that time. He dropped out of school, something highly unknown to the state of Columbia, and with the help of a magnificent loophole, he still completed his high school diploma. This way, he finished school three years before his peers.

His Journey Towards Greatness

Alex was not very fluent in English. When he was 16 years old, he moved to Melbourne, Australia, all alone. All that he had asked of his dad was to buy him an airplane ticket to Australia and that he would take care of things after that. During his time in Australia, the initial days were very packed with struggles. He survived by small jobs like washing dishes, cleaning tables, and doing every odd job that he could find to make ends meet. In an interview that he gave later, he would look back at this period and say that it was indeed one of his life’s toughest times, but he would not change anything about that period for anything. In his words- “it made me tough as nails, and being a teenager was the best time to experience it.”

One win that changed his life!

Success was a term that did not come into his life on a silver platter. Young Alex failed at seven different business ventures till he found his first jackpot. When asked about himself, he said in an interview- “one of my best qualities is my overly optimistic attitude; this cushioned the blows, especially at the start when I failed so many times.”

After the first win in his business venture, it only kept growing till his companies exceeded a value of $200,000,000 every year in turnover since 2017. We asked him about his opinions for the year 2021, he said with full confidence, “the way we are going and with the new vaccines for COVID about to start being rolled out, he expects to hit $500,000,000 turnover for the first time.”

Other involvements

A rather surprising side of Alex’s that nobody would’ve expected is his keen interest in charity. He had been involved with many charitable works for several years, but it was only recently that he decided to become public about it. Alex owns two charities that are entirely self-funding since 2016. The major one of the two is known as “Give a child a bike,” which donates every year over 500 bikes to the disadvantaged kids in Vietnam. These were done to help kids get a means of transport, so they don’t have to walk for hours to school every day. His second charity is the “Alex Mendieta Scholarship,” which helps multiple international students advance their final university studies every year.