Emirates ID Renewal Guide

Emirates ID Renewal Guide


If you already live and work in the UAE, you are certainly familiar with Emirates ID, Federal Agency for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). It is required by law and must be worn by all UAE citizens and residents at all times.

Its main purpose for expatriates is to provide proof of identity when applying for government services, although it is also used by citizens as a travel and immigration document.

You have to visit an authorized Emirates ID center which is provide this service or fill out an online form on the ICA website to apply for Emirates ID; the process Emirates ID Renewal is a little dissimilar. In either case, however, it is advisable to work with an immigration professional such as Creative Zone who will manage your application for you and ensure it goes smoothly.

Emirates ID Renewal for Expats

The first thing to keep in mind when renewing your Emirates ID is the time limit. This is always 30 days from the expiration date. Any attempt to renew your ID between this processes it may fine maximum of AED 1000, in addition to the renewal fees for your Emirates ID.

Emirates people can apply for an Emirates ID renewal while a tenant visa is being reissued or renewed. You should receive a text message from ICA reminding you to get your new card. This includes renewal details, either in person at an accredited writing center or through the ICA website.

An additional alternative to Emirates ID Renewal through Creative Zone, which will take care of every step of the process to ensure that your renewal goes without any errors. Just give us your details to Creative Zone they do the rest process. However, if you decide to process your renewal, keep in mind that in some cases you may need to go to a service or medical center to update your biometric information.

The Emirates ID Renewal process

  • Submit your renewal application
  • Pay the required fee
  • Update biometrics if necessary
  • Complete residency procedures
  • Collect your replacement Emirates ID from the post office

Your Emirates ID can also be mailed to your address which is provided at the time of your renewal request. You will get massage or notifications from ICA as soon as you have your new ID card.

Do you urgently need to renew your Emirates ID? ICA also offers a Fast Track service that dramatically reduces the processing time for Emirates ID renewals. The service, known as Fawri, only lasts 24 hours and comes at an additional cost.

This service is only available to UAE citizens and overseas GCC citizens who have renewed their Emirates ID, Replacement for lost or stolen UAE ID.

Creative Zone can ensure you’re to Emirates ID process runs smoothly and that you receive your card on time.

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