Different Types of Techniques for Carpet Cleaning


Most people try to clean their carpets in a DIY way as most people think that this way they can save a few dollars. However, you must understand that there are few limitations in the DIY method of carpet cleaning.

Any professional carpet cleaners can surely do a much better job with very little hassles that most of you may face while you try to clean all by yourself. All these professional carpet cleaning companies will use a number of modern techniques to clean both residential and also commercial carpets.

Each of the methods employed by them has got its advantages and disadvantages. So, how you will know which method is the best for your carpet?

Let us discuss briefly a few methods employed for carpet cleaning.

1.    Dry powder cleaning

In this technique, a certain natural, soft cleaning product will be combined with a little amount of detergent, water, and safe-to-use solvent. This method however is not considered as deep-cleaning because it will just remove dirt from the carpet surface.

2.    Encapsulation cleaning

This type of cleaning process will be quite fast since this is a very low-moisture system, and carpets are promptly put back into use. Also, for commercial usage, this is one of the great carpet maintenance-cleaning methods.

3.    Bonnet cleaning

In Bonnet Cleaning, a self-neutralizing detergent will be sprayed on the carpet and then agitated with any rotary scrubber along with a dry cotton bonnet pad. Mostly, this is used for maintaining commercial carpets to offer a clean surface of the carpet.

4.    Hot water extraction

Hot Water Extraction is also considered as another effective deep-cleaning method to clean commercial as well as domestic carpets. This method can help in removing dirt that is trapped way down inside the carpet fibers.

5.    Professional steam cleaning

In this professional steam cleaning method, steam will be expelled at very high pressure and temperature to get rid of dust mites, bacterias, and odor. This kind of method is quite effective in removing dirt, mold, and scents from your carpets and also improve their appearance.

6.    Carpet shampooing

This shampooing of carpet method is suitable for cleaning heavily soiled carpet. However the disadvantage of this method is that it leaves behind a very high amount of residues of wet foam on the carpet and that takes a longer time to dry, and also it becomes sticky after drying.

7.    Dry foam

Quite similar to shampooing and it relies on the aggressiveness of its brushing action, which usually counter-rotates on cylindrical brushes. The basic difference is that here the solution will be whipped into a foam and thereafter applied just before the brushes and not like liquid as in shampooing.

8.    Preconditioning

Applying preconditioning agents on the carpet while hot during the process will allow sufficient time to get bonded with the soil particles. It will be easier to remove and help you to loosen up stubborn dirt.

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