Coronavirus, Accidents And More


Do you know everything that is covered by your coronavirus health insurance plan? It may not cover all of the medical and dental expenses you will have to pay in your lifetime. In the past year, two in ten (22%) workers have had a serious accident or serious health problem. 19% experienced significant financial difficulties as a result of a health problem. This survey assesses the attitude of Canadians towards their health and their finances. You need the right Personal injury lawyer there even when you face an accident and later come to know that you have coronavirus.

Retirees are not outdone.

The Barometer indicates that 21% of them have persistent health problems. 17% have someone in their family who suffers from affection. And 15% had to use their savings to pay for the costs of a serious health problem.

Where will you find the money to pay for your medical expenses in retirement?

There is a clear link between our health and our finances. But how do we protect our income and savings from unplanned expenses? In fact, there are several types of insurance to help us.

How to protect your finances in the event of serious illness?

Whether you are a worker or retired, here are four types of insurance to cover your needs at every stage of your life.

Choose the plan that meets your needs

Here is an overview of four separate insurance the personal health insurance, the disability insurance, the critical illness insurance and insurance for long term care. The use of the BUSINESS INTERRUPTION INSURANCE – CORONAVIRUS CLAIM come important also.

Your age and that of the persons to be insured: What are your current or projected health needs?

Age is an important criterion to take into account since needs change over time. For example, young children will need recurring pediatrician visits. After the age of 10, some will benefit from expensive orthodontic treatment. Concerning the parents, statistical studies show that the expenditure in optics occurs after 40 years (the average age of the arrival of presbyopia is 43 years).

Do not forget to add to this the unexpected expenses (hospitalization, dental problems) which can quickly become significant costs without the help of the reimbursement of a supplement.

In addition, note that some contracts do not insure people over the age of 65 and provides in return, specific contracts for seniors. This type of contract guarantees reimbursements that are more suitable for positions such as optics, dentistry, hospitalization, as well as services such as spa treatments and hearing aids. Additionally, like the Zantac lawsuit you can also sue because of wrong drug usages.

Note that age is a criteria for membership fees. The guarantees of certain mutual or complementary health insurance can be segmented according to the age of the adherent to the contract.