Busting the Myth: Raw Diets Make Dogs Aggressive and Blood Thirsty


You have probably;y heard so many things about raw diets and why you should not transition your pet. One of the most common myths is that raw diets will turn your dogs into bloodthirsty monsters that will be out of control. 

Switching your dog’s diet from a processed to a raw diet will do more good than bad. There is a good reason why you should buy your raw foods from reliable companies such as Houston Raw Pet Food. This company will continue the right portions of proteins and other raw ingredients to benefit your dog’s health and overall well-being. Even if you are for the DIY raw pet food diet, your dog will benefit immensely from this move. 

There are No Bad Dogs, Just Bad Humans

Believe it or not, dogs are not evil. Humans turn bad when they neglect their responsibilities and leave the dogs to fend for themselves. Dogs and cats are natural hunters. This means that their natural instinct will set in when they are ignored, and they may start chasing other creatures around. 

However, this does not mean that they will become vicious and monstrous.

A well-fed dog, preferably on a raw diet, will chase stuff around but not kill them. This is a natural response to their hunter instincts, and you can do nothing about it.

Your response should not be to be hard on the dog. Instead, feed your dog a good raw diet to ensure they are full and satisfied enough not to hunt for food. Then, subscribe to a reliable raw food manufacturer that can supply high-quality raw foods to match your dog’s nutritional needs. Then, you never have to worry about the dog turning into a bloodthirsty monster

Buy all the right raw pet foods from us today and support your dog’s health.