6 Most Beautiful Beaches in Batam



Batam continues to entertain travelers from various parts of the world. Taxpayers of neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia are chained back and forth via plane or ferry to Batam due to the endless entertainment around the island. Batam is part of the Riau Archipelago, Indonesia’s outermost region around Singapore and Malaysia.

Batam is popular for several things like its shopping facilities, spas, and more. In addition to metropolitan usa national parks entertainment, Batam is also famous for its beautiful natural scenery, such as beaches. This is the best beach in Batam that you must see!

  1. Nongsa Beach

Nongsa Beach is undoubtedly one of the most famous tourist attractions in Batam. Nongsa is located along Turi Beach and is famous for water sports in addition to its relaxed environment. Because of its location protected by a bay, Nongsa Beach is quite remote and relatively quiet, even if Nongsa is touted as one of the most visited beaches in Batam.

There are many actions that you can do at Nongsa with your friends and loved ones. Seeing Nongsa Beach signifies free time for swimming because there is almost no tide. After all, it is a safe place. Relaxing is a must in Nongsa. Its white sandy beaches, along with iconic sunsets, can make your trip to Nongsa worth it!

  1. Marina Beach

Marina Beach has established its title as one of the most famous resort destinations in Batam. Marina Beach is ideal for those who come with households and small children because of its complete facilities and beautiful views.

The beach is surrounded by gardens, greenery, and a pier for ferries arriving at the Marina. Children will love to play at Marina Beach because children can play free from the backyard. See-saws, slipping, and more matches are on offer at the Marina. Marina Beach also overlooks the tropical setting along with flying palm trees and its white sand. There are forms of resorts available, from luxury hotel types to cheaper ones.

  1. Vio Vio Beach

Given the unrelenting creation of Batam, Vio Vio Beach can maintain its normal order. Located on Galang Island (Galang Island), 50 km from the city center, Vio Vio provides natural beach views with a long coastline. There is always plenty of room for everyone who sees Vio Vio.

People can enjoy many activities, including swimming. One of the unique features of Vio Vio Beach is that it is close to the mangrove forest, so people can enjoy walking through the green forest and be greeted with beautiful sea views.

  1. Turi Beach

Turi Beach is completely private land handled by Turi Resort. This hidden beach is available to you as soon as you book at Turi Beach Resort and every penny is worth it. When you enter the beach area, you will be greeted with white sandy beaches under your feet.

You can do tons of activities on the beach such as enjoying volleyball, swimming in the pool from the sea, water sports, cycling, and much more. To make it even more striking for romantic occasions, there is also a 200 meter long deck that makes you feel like you are floating on the ocean. Staying at Turi Beach Resort also Gives you an unforgettable superior service experience

  1. Ocarina Beach

Ocarina Beach is one of the newest tourist attractions in Batam, since it opened in 2009. This is no ordinary beach because Ocarina Beach has become a mega tourist destination called Ocarina Park.

Ocarina Park covers 40 hectares of territory with theme parks and beaches. The location of this amusement park close to the beach has made this location acceptable for many ages. When traveling with family, you also get various attractions with a myriad of rides besides beach views!

  1. Bale Bale Beach

Bale Bale Beach is the best destination for people who like adrenaline-pumping activities. Any water sport will be tried by the community, not only by adults but also by young children. Activities range from kayaking, surfboarding, banana boating, and flying fox for kids.

In addition to water attractions, individuals who come will also be treated to beautiful natural scenery, mangrove forests, or even places developed to take pictures. After enjoying your errands around the beach, relax in one of the gazebos while watching the sunset with your near and dear ones.

Vacation is more than just the scenery, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Batam by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.