4 Tissue Products Every Singapore Homeowner Needs


Cleanliness and hygiene are crucial lifestyle factors that can protect you from various ailments. Sweeping and mopping your dwelling or bathing yourself and brushing your teeth may seem like simple tasks, but these activities can go a long way in helping you avoid illnesses due to germ buildup and virus presence. But did you know that getting tissue products in Singapore can help you look after yourself and your home?

What Are Tissue Products?

Tissue products in Singapore, like facial tissues, toilet paper, and napkins, are typical household and hygiene products designed to help homeowners like you clean their dwellings and themselves. Tissue manufacturers make them from wood, nonwoven fabric, or recycled paper, creating a thin yet highly absorbent sheet that can help maintain your body and home’s cleanliness.

Tissue products like the kitchen towel or toilet paper in your Singapore home may not be as modern as you think. According to experts, ancient Chinese have used toilet paper since the 6th century. The innovative paper invention only reached the American market during the late 1850s when the inventor Joseph Gayetty sold them in single sheets and called them medical paper. Since then, consumption and demand for tissue products have risen. 

Which Tissue Products Do I Need?

Due to the popularity of tissue products, they evolved into various types to suit different needs and preferences. But due to the number of tissue options available. Homeowners like you may have trouble finding and choosing which tissue products deserve a spot on your kitchen counter, bathroom cabinet, or hygiene kit. Scroll through to learn about the four must-have tissue items householders like you should have.

1. Kitchen Towel

The kitchen is a hot zone for spills and splatters. While you can use a rag to clean up after the mess you made while preparing food, getting a kitchen or paper towel in Singapore is more practical and convenient. Aside from helping you wipe and disinfect kitchen counters, a paper towel can dry your hands, pots, and pans while letting you carry hot dishes from the kitchen to your dining table.

2. Toilet Paper

Even if you rely on your bathroom bidet to clean up after relieving yourself, you can still benefit from having toilet paper in your bathroom. These tissue rolls will allow you to conveniently dry your hands or private areas after washing them. Toilet paper can also help you clean splatters and gunk on and around your sink, allowing you to enjoy a clean bathroom.

3. Tissue Box

Many people get a tissue box in Singapore for various purposes. Some use it to help them put on and take off makeup, while others rely on tissue boxes for wiping their nose after sneezing. Due to their versatility, tissue boxes make perfect partners for observing cleanliness at home.

4. Wet Wipes

Also known as wet tissue in Singapore, wet wipes are moist tissues that can help you clean surfaces more easily. Since they often contain disinfectants, they are ideal for sanitising your hands before and after eating or going to the bathroom. You can even use wet wipes to freshen up whenever you feel hot.

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