4 Red Flags of a Bad Confinement Lady in Singapore


Hiring a confinement lady in Singapore is essential when mothers need help taking care of their newborns. These professionals have the necessary training and experience to provide adequate support to mothers and babies.

However, there are warning signs that should tell you that you have the wrong stay in nanny in Singapore. Continue reading this article to learn more about these 4 red flags.

1. They’re Not Asking for a Contract

Aside from protecting you from numerous issues, contracts also prevent the other party from facing several problems. Therefore, there should be no reason for a confinement lady to accept a job without signing one.

If you encounter someone alright with a job without a contract, consider looking for other nanny services in Singapore.

2. They Didn’t Last Long With Their Previous Clients

Although there are legitimate reasons why a confinement lady wouldn’t last long with their previous clients, it pays to investigate further regarding the reasons why they left.

If their answers weren’t enough, consider looking for references to learn more about their professional life.

3. They Don’t Ask Questions

If you want a confinement lady willing to work with you in the long run, you shouldn’t settle for someone who doesn’t bother to ask questions. These individuals will most likely lack the commitment or seriousness to handle the job, resulting in unsatisfactory work.

4. They Don’t Clean Themselves Upon Entering Your Home

Aside from the ongoing pandemic, there are plenty of viruses, germs, and bacteria causing various diseases to your baby. In a worst-case scenario, it could lead to their death.

Therefore, a professional confinement lady in Singapore would ensure to disinfect themselves once they enter your home. It would include sanitising their hands, arms, legs, and other areas the baby might touch.

Given these four red flags, looking for confinement services in Singapore should be easier since you know more about the things to avoid.

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