What is the step-by-step procedure to accept card payment?


In this article, we are talking about step by step procedure to accept card payment in your business. Also, we will discuss the whole cost required for making the card payment of goods ordered online.

Steps to accept card payment over the phone

There are many methods as to  how to take card payments over the phone. We will discuss in brief the steps required to accept and make payments online. As mentioned earlier, you have to work with either a merchant provider or a payment provider first.

Once you have selected and started taking payment, you can easily accept payment using the virtual terminal. Below mentioned are the steps to use to accept online payment over the phone.

Determine which card information is needed.

After you have partnered with a payment provider, you have to access the virtual terminal. Each provider has its kind of virtual terminal, which is given to their customers. You will have to enter the details of the card correctly so that you can use it again in the future.

  • Credit card number
  • Expiration date
  • Security CVV code
  • Customer name
  • Billing zip code

Take order and input in the system

Once you have the details about the customer, you can accept taking card payment over the phone. After you have done the step properly, you will have the customer details, and you can talk easily with them. When they are making payment, you have to make sure to enter their data and items in a safe file.

Ask for card information and save it

After the customer is done shopping and clicks on make the payment using a card from the phone. You will have to ask them for the specific card details and save them in the virtual terminal. Once the information is entered and checked, you can press the submit button. This will process the request from the bank and then make the payment accordingly.

Send the customer a receipt and full order details.

Once you have saved their credit card details, you have to send a receipt to the customer. Also, you will have to include the full order details for the customer to check. You can either send them a message through email, text or even a phone call. You can also save a copy of the receipt for future references.

What is the cost to accept card payment?

Once you have selected the service provider, it is easy for you to start making payments. Once the process is complete, you will have to pay the cost to complete the transaction. You will have to make sure that the provider you are using is taking low cost on all the transactions. This will help you to reduce the cost of money taken by the service provider so that you can earn more.

Different costs are provided by different service providers. There will be a charge created for the processing of the credit card by the bank of the customer. There is only a small percentage that will be taken by these charges.