Trending Coloured Sarees that will light up your look this Diwali


Diwali is right around the corner, and women are in an absolute panic about what to wear and what not to do this year! The festive season of 2022 has already begun, and nobody can keep calm. I personally wore a red saree last year during Diwali, and I wore another red saree at this year’s Ganpati celebrations. And now I feel I shouldn’t have worn the red saree because red happens to be a very Diwali color for me.

I have a red saree from my mom and another red saree made of brocade material that I got last year for Diwali, and now, this Diwali, I have no red saree or no saree of my own to wear! But then I came across this stunning collection by Manyavar, and I was awestruck.

That is when I realized that, just like me, there might be multiple women out there who would want to wear a red saree during Diwali because they have no other color choice. But worry not ladies; we have a list of trending Diwali sarees in various colors, along with the red saree that will help you look ever more pretty this Diwali!

1. Purple/Violet

Purple/Violet is the most loved color of the season. This rare variety has advanced back to lehengas and sarees. Be it Banarsi sarees or brocade lehengas, this variety looks lofty and sleek! Purple gives a festive vibe, especially in silk or shiny fabric. First, though, make sure to spot the real v/s the fake.

2. Pink

No celebration is at any point total without a smidgen of Pink. There is pink for us all – rose, become flushed, salmon, coral, maroon, and hot pink. A radiant coral saree with a dark sleeveless pullover or a rose pink kurta set matched with dull intense lipstick, and you’re ready.

3. Combo – Red n Green

One of the most outstanding saree variety mixes as far as having an unmistakable difference in your clothing is the mix of reciprocal tones like red and green. With the two tones lying on the contrary range of variety range, both will have equivalent visual allure. So go for a green saree with red boundaries on it and match it with an intensely weaved shirt. Or go for a red saree and pair it with a green blouse.

4. Ivory White

Who could do without taking a shift from the works of art, correct? Thus, on the off chance that you wish to pull off an extravagant imperial look this bubbly season, we suggest the stylish variety, Ivory White. Coming from a minty and sparkly variety range, this tone with weighty jewelry would give you a cordial, mitigating, and quiet tone to invite the cold winter to come.

5. Go Gold

Gold tone is the most loved wedding saree variety blend of each and every lady. This variety gives an illustrious vibe yet remains exceptionally humble. Isn’t that the perfect balance you need? There is a method for making your gold saree much more lovely. You can intersperse the saree with dim varieties through stonework, pullover, or even use gems to match the vibe of the saree.



Discussing celebrations and excluding Green varieties like light green, mint green, dull green, and woodland green in velvety or cotton surfaces is a setback that you don’t want to do at a celebration. So this time, go for a Bottle Green one for sure!

Thus, those mentioned above are the trending festive colors, including a red saree for this festive season of Diwali!