7 Tips For Arranging Living Room Furniture For Large Families


One of the problems of large families is the space in the house. Communal spaces, like the kitchen, dining area, and living room where all family members gather together, can be a bit small and suffocating when everyone is present. Freeing up the space by arranging the living room furniture in Singaporeis a way to make the communal space larger.

However, you should not compromise the comfort and design of the living room for the sake of the space. This article will give you tips on how to balance the space, aesthetics, comfort, and functionality of the living room.

7 Tips For Arranging Living Room Furniture For Large Families

Some people resort to extending their communal spaces, such as the living room, to create more space for family members. But if you don’t have the money for renovation or there is no space for extension, you can still maximise the area you have through living room furniture arrangement.

1. Have a focal point

The focal point is the star of the room. It is the specific spot in the living room that draws the eyes. It can be anything, from a huge artwork or a fireplace to floor-to-ceiling windows. You can start arranging the furniture, such as the coffee table and fabric sofa in Singapore, around the focal point.

2. Zoning

If your living room is too small to have a focal point, you can do the zoning. Zoning layout is a room inside a room, and it is effective in an open space living room.

For example, in the first corner of the living room is the entertainment area where the family can watch TV or sports. The entertainment console will be the focal point of this corner. Meanwhile, in the second corner is a reading nook. You can place beanbags and bookshelves in this area. This layout involves a lot of floating furniture. Floating furniture is a fitting that is not placed up against the wall.

However, be extra careful with the furniture options. Bulky fittings can obstruct the pathway in a floating furniture layout. It is better to scale down the furniture, such as the study desk in Singapore, before attempting the zoning idea.

3. Opt for modular furniture

Modular living room furnitureis easier to arrange. For example, you can fit the modular sofa in the corner by breaking the sofa into sections or serving them as a space divider in the zoning layout. A straight loveseat or couch may not be able to fit in the corner or is too space-consuming when used in the zoning layout.

Most importantly, modular furniture is easy to relocate into another room. Besides living room furniture, it is also advantageous to use a modular study desk for your home office in Singaporeor a bedside table in the bedroom.

4. Let there be the light

The problem with the living room arrangement where the furniture is up against the walls is it blocks the windows. Not only do windows can be a focal point, but windows are also a source of light! What is the importance of light in the living room?

Illumination in the room, specifically from a natural source, provides a much more vast sense of space. The glow gives a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in dark corners. Placing mirrors in strategic places to bounce the light is a tactic to utilise natural light. In addition to mirrors, you can use sheer drapes to reduce the sunlight entering the home yet not completely shutting them out.

Opt for lower furniture, such as a bedside table in Singapore, to place beneath the window. It utilises the space under the window without blocking the light.

5. Vertical spaces


Most fittings, such as super single bed size in Singapore, occupy the horizontal space or simply the floor space. Instead of purchasing other furniture that consumes the floor space, buy those for vertical spaces.

Vertical space is simply your walls! Instead of ordinary tables, buy a wall-mounted study desk in Singapore, which you can fold after use. Instead of a closet or wardrobe, have wall-mounted racks and shelves where you can store your decors and other belongings.

You can also utilise your vertical space in the kitchen and dining space. Apart from cupboards under the kitchen counter, you can also install hanging shelves next to the dining set you bought from a sale in Singaporeto store your utensils and cutlery.

6. Open floor plan

If you have a large family with small communal spaces, it is better to knock off the partition walls and opt for an open plan. Partition walls make the space smaller; moreover, they block the lights from passing through different home areas.

The open floor plan frees up the space and does not block lights. Therefore, less use of light bulbs and lamps. As mentioned, you can still divide the floor depending on their section through zoning. Zoning layout groups the relatedliving room furnituretogether, to create a zone or area. Instead of walls, you can use low tables and shelves as a space divider to sectional the space.

7. Choose the right colours

Besides the arrangement and light, the colour also gives an illusion of space. Light colours, such as white, yellow, and beige, makes the room visually spacious. Moreover, the light colours are great at reflecting the light.

But for some people, light colours are too bland. You can make these colours interesting by adding some colours to accentuate the entire interior design. For example, for a white fabric sofa in Singapore, use cobalt blue to light blue throw pillows to accentuate the look. You can also add texture to your living room. For example, a wool rug may complement your fabric sofa.

Another tip! When choosing a fabric sofa for big families in Singapore, choose those with open bottoms or bare legs. These also give an illusion of space!


Even if you have limited space, too limited for a large family, you can still make your home spacious by applying these furniture arrangement tips. But remember, always balance comfort, safety, functionality, and aesthetics when arranging your living room furniture.

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