Best Tips for the Gold Jewelry Selling Option


Here are some small tips on how to sell your gold to a Buy Gold store at the best price and in complete safety.

Rely on stores registered with the Bank

Going to the website, you can check if the shop you want to trust is registered in the register of professional operators in gold and precious metals. This qualification to the profession recognized by a supreme body, will allow you to place all your trust in that shop you have selected to sell and buy precious items.

Check the weight of your gold before and during in-store weighing

Before taking your gold to a gold shop, check its weight at your location using a digital kitchen scale. Keep in mind that the gold you sell can be a jewel with inserts and precious stones that will not be considered in the real weight of gold. This operation allows you to get an idea of ​​the weight of the items you are going to sell. When you are in a gold shop, always require that the weighing operation be carried out in front of you, so that you can avoid deception or scams. The weight obtained, excluding inserts and precious stones will be used to calculate the sales value. For Selling gold jewelry  this is most essential.

Check the gold price in your location

Before going to a gold shop, go to the internet, look for the website of the shop to which you want to entrust the sale of your gold and check the real-time price of gold proposed at that moment, because the cost of gold changes during the day. This allows you to make a quick calculation on your sale and in case you are still interested, using the freeze quote function, set the gold price of that moment.

Request a copy of the gold purchase or sale deed

When you are in the shop, buy gold for sale and you start the transaction, always asks the operator of the shop for gold to copy the purchase or sale operation that attests and certifies the transaction. On the document, also check that the quantity of gold sold, the purchase data, the data of the seller and the equivalent value in euros are shown. This document also demystifies the seriousness of the buy gold shop as it protects the seller and the buyer from any checks by the police.

Be wary of those who don’t ask for your documents

As motivated in the previous point, be wary of those gold-buying shops that do not ask for documents.

In fact it is necessary that the operator requests an identity card and tax code for your identification and that he provides you with the registration of the operation, as regulated by law.

Check the expenses on the purchase or sale operation

Each buy or sell operation carried out in a gold shop must be registered with a stamp of 2.00$. This figure will be deducted from the overall evaluation of the gold sale operation. This is the only eligible expense and consequently all the others are to be considered irregular unless your specific requests foresee particular operations to be carried out on the gold that you have to sell.


Ultimately, sell your gold at the best gold shop that complies with the regulations set by law, at the best real-time market price given at that time, all in total safety without running into scams or penalties due to non-compliance with the rules of law.