Why you should purchase a selfie drone instead of selfie stick?


We live in a world which is made up of digital technology. New technologies tends to replaces older ones. These days’ selfie drones have created much hype among the peoples. Selfie drones can be considered as an updated version of selfie stick. It gives you a wider angle as compared to selfie stick. The reason why they are being widely used now days is because of their portability. They are small in size and can be move out anywhere. Many people wonder why they should purchase selfie drones when they can still use their phones to click pictures. Before going into much argument think about the benefits it will have. Such as selfie drones allows you to capture innovative images at a wider angle. It gives you an option to capture aerial shot which selfie stick does not offer. Some selfie drones comes up with high resolution cameras which captures great images. Some of them even comes up with face detectors and vision sensors which make you feel like a pro. For more information you can visit: http://photolemur.com/blog/selfie-drones

Things to consider before buying a selfie drone:

Selfie drone is a onetime investment and you want to make it right. There are various points which should be kept in consideration before purchasing a selfie drone. These points include image stabilization, portability, innovative features, and ease of control. The drone should be able to capture great images which means that it should not blur your photos. Image stabilization is a key point to consider before purchasing a selfie drone. The other factor is its portability. The selfie drone should be portable which means it should be easily move out from one place to another. A drone with intelligent features is the one you should look out for. The drone should include various features such as GPS, visual sensors etc.

What are the features of a pocket drone?

A pocket drone is the one which carries a camera and is smaller than a 7 inch tablet. This drone is light in weight and captures great images. It can lift weight up to one pound which makes it unique and attractive.