The Importance Of Heat Pumps: Do They Influence Ventilation?


Today more than ever, air renewal is a crucial aspect to take into account in our day-to-day lives, both in the usual home environment and in offices and even industrial areas.

However, in the autumn and winter season, the problem of lowering temperatures usually arises. How to combat the cold with heating systems if it is necessary to maintain efficient ventilation? Not losing the comfort of the room and continuing to control the healthy environment seems impossible. However, it is now possible.

The Heat Pump And Heat Recovery

The alternative of heat pumps for air conditioning systems is highly efficient. This type of equipment maintains efficient air renewal in the same way that it also manages to recover the heat energy from the air through the outdoor exchanger placed in the extraction air stream.

This process is called heat recovery, through a refrigeration circuit that is developed as follows: Versatility and performance of the heat recovery method

Winter Mode

In the winter season, when the heating mode of this system must be activated, the heat pump evaporator is responsible for extracting the heat from the air at a higher temperature than outside. This discharges it into the condenser so that it manages to maintain an optimal temperature before introducing it inside the room.

Summer Mode

But in addition to this system, heat pumps also allow the control and regulation of the internal temperature in summer, in this case, maintaining a relaxed and pleasant environment. This is achieved by reversing the cycle so that the equipment’s condenser takes in the extraction air.

What Type Of Heat Pumps Implements This Type Of Service?

Of course, there are different types of heat pumps which is for both residential and commercial, among which different models implement this heat recovery service. In this way, optimal heating, cooling, and protection of a healthy environment are achieved.

When opting for a heat pump model, it is always advisable to put yourself in the hands of air conditioning specialists, such as the professionals who are available for your 24/7 service, since it is necessary to study the specific case and, at the same time, assess what you need for your home or business.