Steps To Apply And Get Your Internal Transaction Number (ITN)


An ITN consists of a 9-digit number given to non-residents who require an identification number. ITN is for individuals ineligible for a Social Insurance Number and identified as non-residents for tax purposes. You can apply for Social Insurance Number (SIN) if eligible. If you want to ship things like cars from the United States, you should apply an ITN number request for Canada.

Steps to apply and get your Internal Transaction Number (ITN)

If you have ITN, SIN, or TTN, continue to use it as a tax number.


If you are a non-resident and are not eligible for a SIN, you can apply for ITN. All you need to do is provide an ITN to the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) and do the following.

  • Fill out the application to waive Canadian withholding tax on the payments you get.
  • Dispose of Canadian taxable property.
  • File complaints for Canadian income tax returns.

International students

An international student without a work permit needs to have an ITN to file for the Canadian income tax return or apply for family benefits and credits. 

Here are the steps to apply for an internal Transaction Number

Contact your customs broker.

You should contact your customs broker to obtain an ITN for your shipment. Your customs broker can help you with the necessary documentation and procedures required to obtain an ITN for your shipment.

It is essential to know specific documentation and procedures required for obtaining an ITN may vary depending on the nature of the goods being shipped and other factors. Your customs broker will be able to guide you on the specific requirements for your shipment.

Your broker will request the following if you are importing a vehicle from a private sale or dealer for personal use-

  • Sale bill
  • Copy of the title of the vehicle (front and back)
  • Importer’s passport copy
  • Importer’s driver’s license copy
  • Dealer’s contact number, email, name, and address.

Declare the crossing information.

Your broker should be aware of your vehicles:

  • border/port crossing 
  • The exact date planned to cross
  • If you are using a transport company, contact information, the company name of the carrier, and the SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code)

Wait for three days

Your customs broker will advance the paperwork, and you wait to wait for three days to hear back from the US customs for the ITN. You will receive an email or phone call and can decide if you want to proceed with a total import by your broker or self-declare your vehicle.