Is It Too Late to Enter the Crypto Market?



For those exploring financial investment opportunities, crypto currency has often been toward the top of the list of choices for many over the past few years. But with the notoriety for how volatile the market can be, it has kept many away from the bigger and more expensive options in Bitcoin and Ethereum, and with both topping out at new highs earlier this year with Bitcoin even reaching $60,000, it has certainly seemed inaccessible for the majority for quite some time. Despite this, new coins continue to enter the market, and as crypto becomes more widely used as opportunities in online gaming through slots not on gamstop accepting crypto as a form of payment right through to bigger options as it had been once suggested that Tesla could accept crypto too, change certainly seems to be coming. But is it too late to enter the crypto space?

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For many, the answer has certainly been a no – the past few months have shown how newer opportunities can emerge very quickly with the likes of Doge coin and the surge of success it found – initially founded as a ‘meme’ coin to poke fun at the bigger names like Bitcoin, it started off the year costing just $0.002 per coin and very much indicative of the many other coins on the market that came before, but following some celebrity endorsements as well as all of the craziness this year with GameStop and the retail trading market as a whole, the coin was able to hit a high point of around $0.72 before falling once again – touted by some as being the Bitcoin 2.0 and a way for investors to enter the crypto market if they had missed out on the initial wave a few years ago. 

For others, that answer is a clear yes, that the time of safer investments into crypto has passed. There are now thousands of different coins with new ones popping up every day and sitting at a near worthless value, along with experts warning new investors off as the digital currency in reality has no value at all – despite the growing support for different retail markets it seems to be becoming more clear that cryptocurrency may not be able to find the widespread use it was hoping for and will instead remain a niche commodity until it disappears – and if the recent drops are anything to go on with Bitcoin moving from its year high of $60,000 down to $37,000 – whilst still up on last year but quickly dropping – it’s that safety is not really something that can be attributed with crypto, and volatility will always be a key concern. Can you enter the crypto market now? By all accounts that answer is a yes, but whether you should or not is a different matter entirely.