Does a Dental Filling Hurt? This and 4 Other Misconceptions Debunked


Canada has one of the best records of oral health for its citizens. Nearly 90 percent of citizens go to a dentist at least once every two years, which is much better than in other countries. 

However, many people still have a fear of going to the dentist, which can prevent them from obtaining the necessary procedures during their visits. For example, many people believe that a dental filling is painful to get, so they don’t get them when they need them. 

Overcoming these misconceptions is the best way to continue to improve oral health. 

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about dental fillings and other dentists’ procedures. 

  1. Getting a Dental Filling is Painful

A dental filling procedure could not be less painful! Dentists will typically use a numbing concoction to numb the area where they are adding the filling. 

You don’t feel a thing during the entire procedure. You might “feel” the sensation of someone working on your tooth, but it will not be painful!

  1. A Dental Filling is Expensive

A dental filling cost is usually covered by insurance, making it very inexpensive. Even if you do not have dental insurance, ask your dentist’s office if they have any cash discounts or payment plans to make the already inexpensive procedure even less expensive. 

  1. Every Dentist Visit Means a Dental Filling 

A reason why people dread going to the dentist is that they think they will need to get a dental filling each time. Or, at the very least, some type of bad news about their teeth. 

But that is not the case! Going to the dentist regularly will actually make it so that you aren’t getting new dental fillings each time. 

  1. Dental Fillings Don’t Last a Long Time 

Now that you know that each visit to the dentist doesn’t automatically mean a new dental filling, let’s go into how long they last. Some people think dental fillings only last a couple of years but that is incorrect. 

They might be thinking of a temporary dental filling, which is supposed to not last long. Some dental fillings can last up to 15 years! Ask your dentist about how long your cavity dental filling should last to learn more

  1. Dental Fillings Will Make Your Teeth Hurt Afterwards

A dentist is filling a hole in your tooth with a semi-hard material. That’s got to make them hurt for a while, doesn’t it?

Not true. Your tooth might feel a little sore, but that should go away quickly a couple of hours after you leave the dentist. 

Want to Learn More About Dental Procedures?

Getting a dental filling can be scary but trust us, it is often a necessary procedure! Dental fillings prevent cavities from growing more severe and can save you big bucks on dental procedures down the line. 

If you are curious to know more about dental procedures and costs, be sure to follow along for more articles. We write about all things having to do with dental fillings, dental careers, and more!