Tips to protect yourself against online casino fraud


Online casino games like bandarqq can be fun to play and there is no doubt about it. But, this experience can be ruined if you are scammed by any fraudulent online casino. Depending on the intensity of the scam, you may lose a lot of money. This can make you frustrated and depressed as well. But, the good thing is that you can protect yourself against such fraudulent online casinos by following the following tips.

Verify information regarding license

Many fraud casinos do not possess valid licenses. It is best to avoid such casinos that do not provide any information related to their gaming licenses. Also, you should verify the license of the online casinos to be sure about its authenticity. Casinos require licenses from regulated authorities to conduct gaming over the internet. The casinos are required to renew their license or else the licenses could get expired and they may not be able to provide games legally. This allows the casinos to commit fraud and take away your money. You will have nowhere to report them as they are not regulated by any casino regulators.

Most casinos publish their license on their website. You can cross-verify the details by visiting the concerned regulator and validating the license number and other information of your casino. If the number matches your casino, you can be sure of its authenticity.

Check the Bonuses before accepting

Casinos’ bonuses are loved by most online casino players. They provide players with extra amounts for free. Scam casinos are aware of this point, and they would offer bonuses and offers which may seem too good to be true. They may give you a five times deposit bonus in addition to several free spins and free money. They may provide you so to utilize these offers in a few selected games. The gaming experience is very unlikely to be good as they are tampered with by the casino so that you lose continuously. The case could worsen when you have won the game somehow, but they try to deny you your payout.

Such scams can be avoided by being more aware. You should read articles and reviews of casinos from trustworthy sources before you plan to play games in the casino. The authenticity of a bonus can be verified only if a person has tried it out before.


Online casino scams are common and these tips are some of how you can avoid them. Try to play games like bandarqq in casinos that you trust.