How can working from your own comfort boost your mental health and productivity?


Hundreds of millions of people all around the world prefer to work from home or from a different city or country. Working from home, or indeed anywhere, can boost productivity levels and improve mental health by allowing you to work in your own living space and with freedom.

How would my productivity and mental health increase if I adopted this?

They can improve since you will be continually active and moving around. You will be able to embark on new adventures and see new places, as well as this you can meet new people and learn about the different ways of life and cultures.

Some people that have embarked on the digital nomad life tend to travel abroad, because they’re on a good salary and have a lot of free time, these digital nomad workers tend to travel quite a lot. A good destination for digital nomad workers is Ko Pha Ngan as this place tailors to everyone, we have a city guide to Ko Pha Ngan available so you can see the sort of activities and things you can do there.