Alexander Sparks: Creates Rings That Last Forever


It is a popular saying that diamonds have occurred best friend. But given to the present scenario, it has proved that the fact is no longer true. The myth of diamonds has busted with the revelation of the dark source that it has. That’s why people are now relying on another source of the diamond which is known as synthetic diamond. Diamond is a by-product of and accidentally discovery. A scientist named Henri Moissan had discovered this particular gemstone in Arizona in 1883 why he was looking for some material for his research.

First, he thought that he came up with an off-source of the diamond but later when he took it to his lab; he found that this is a crystal silicon carbide. This invention has changed the market of diamond entirely and although it has its popularity intact, the invention of the synthetic diamond has made a revolution. After this invention people have started taking an interest in the synthetic diamond rather than the authentic one.

Moissanite: replacement of diamond

After this remarkable invention, people have got a new gemstone in their collection and it certainly became much popular. Those who could not afford the real diamond used to be satisfied with the synthetic one because this gave them a similar effect of the diamond. Along with that many people who didn’t want to relate themselves with the dark resource of the authentic diamond, also were drawn towards the synthetic version of it. This way the moissanite rings have become so popular and it appeared as an exotic item in many peoples’ collections.

The price

Another important point that has made the change is that people are getting a similar or better product at a much cheaper price. As mentioned before, there is a dark source that is related to the sourcing of the diamond and many people have abandoned it for that reason. The sourcing of diamonds from Africa has made it so much expensive that many people cannot afford it. That’s why they are drawn towards the century diamond rings and other jewelry rather than depending on the diamond.

Strong Characteristics

The moissanite rings is a very strong material that reflects quite well. Without using a special device one cannot identify it not as a diamond. It is as strong as diamond and it reflects quite well creating a Halo effect under the sun. Another important and very exclusive fact of this stone is that it doesn’t get dull over the time of constant usage. That is why one can have ice-making in their weddings for engagement and it can last for a very long time without getting old.

Good properties

Moissanite ring is the one element that comes closer to the hardness of the diamond. The fire property is also better than the diamond and so is the reflection property. All these make the moissanite ring an exclusive item for the new couple bonded with love. This gemstone can also be a great alternative to the diamond in case of engagement rings.

Why people have taken interest in moissanite rings as their wedding ring

Today the moissanite ring has taken its place as the engagement rings and wedding rings as many people have started taking an interest in this. In this regard, Alexander sparks provide the moissanite rings for both the groom and the bride on this special day. This particular gemstone is quite strong and the effect is everlasting. Even it doesn’t become dull after a long time which is one of the drawbacks of a diamond.

Popular and unique

It also reflects quite brightly under the sun and that’s why many people cannot distinguish between diamond and moissanite rings with their bare eyes. These are the characteristic that has made this thing so much popular and unique. That’s why many people are now accepting the synthetic diamond as their wedding rings. Companies like Alexander Sparks make rings for both the bride and groom of different sizes and designs. You can choose whatever suits you. Alongside that, you can customize the wedding bands and designs of the rings as well as it can increase your name or your partner’s name in the ring.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing moissanite ring

  • An alternative for the wearing ring

Moissanite rings can be a great alternative for the wearing ring but before buying one you should know some facts. One should always consider a moissanite ring under different kinds of lighting conditions if the material can have a little grey or greenish hue to it. If the gemstone is not made properly then you can observe this green or grey hue in it under the bright sun. Although the perfectly cut moissanite stone can be a bit dull. That’s why you need to be very careful while buying the right kind of moissanite ring.

  • The supervision

Another important fact that needs to be aware of that is although it is being made in that under a lot of supervision, it can have some impurity if not properly taken care of. The clear voice acting needs to be very pure and properly manufactured.

  • Diamond or moissanite

Be it a diamond or moissanite, the angle matters a lot while placing it on to a ring or any jewelry. If you have one place the gemstone on the ring measuring the proper angle, you will not have the right effect that it was supposed to be.

Uses in the fashion industry

As it looks quite similar to the diamond, it is also being used in the fashion industry and Hollywood quite often. Many fashion designers, as well as jewelry designers, use this material as the main item in their collection. There are so many celebrities who have taken interest in this moissanite ring or moissanite earrings. If you are using a properly made isolating in any occasion of your life, it will add a different effect on you. The photo quality is one of the main reasons for moissanite being so accepted in the market and it is readily available under different brand names.