8 Things You Need To Consider Before Applying For A Personal Loan


Whether it is a financial emergency or you want to boost your finances, a personal loan will help you immensely. In the present scenario, the personal loan approval process has become a lot easier. Getting a personal loan is one of the simplest ways to get real cash and you do not need to keep your assets as collateral.

It is imperative at your part to manage personal loans properly otherwise, it may bring unwanted consequences. Therefore, as a smart borrower, you need to keep the following things in your mind at the time of applying for a personal loan.

Check Your Credit Score

Your credit score plays a significant role in the approval of your loan. This is the most important thing that banks and financial institutions check before approving a loan. When no assets are involved as collateral in a personal loan, your credit score becomes a prime factor to check your credibility. Your credit score will show your credibility and banks will decide whether they can take risks by granting you a personal loan or not. People who have good credit scores are much likely to get loans easily and at lower interest rates.

Have A Look At Your Finances

Checking the credit score before applying for a personal loan is not the only thing you need to do. You need to have a look at all types of borrowings. This will help you understand your present and future financial situation.

At this point, taking a personal loan may be the perfect solution to deal with the financial emergency, but mismanagement will turn the things upside down. To check your future financial situation, you can take the help of online EMI calculators. You simply need to enter the amount and it will show you the amount that you have to pay every month with interest. It is advised to make a budget; this will help you understand the expenditures and savings. Ponder over it to find out whether you can comfortably fit the EMI in your monthly budget or not.

Consider Alternatives

It is a well-known fact that personal loans are costly because of high-interest rates in comparison with secured loans. In secured loans, they put the property, vehicle, gold, or anything else as collateral. In this situation, you need to consider alternatives like home loans, gold loans, or personal loans in which you have to pay cheaper interest rates. The rate of interest, which you have to pay on a personal loan may be somewhere between 16 to 24 percent. People who have assets for collateral can opt for secure loans at low-interest rates.

Decide Your Amount

Never borrow an amount that is greater than your requirements. You need to consider your requirements and calculate how much money you need to deal with the situation. If the bank or any financial institution will find you creditworthy, then they will grant you a big amount as a personal loan.


In the last few years, competitiveness in the field of unsecured loans has increased significantly. You will find several financial institutions and moneylenders, which are ready to grant an unsecured personal loan. To get these loans, you simply need to fulfill their basic eligibility requirements. You need to negotiate with the first lender you come across. Have a word about the interest rates and better facilities they can provide. Other than paying interest rates, you may have to pay other charges like late payment penalty, the penalty for cheque bounce, and others as well.

Go Through The Fine Print

If you are applying for a personal loan for the first time, then check all the terms and conditions along with fees properly. Even if the bank is disclosing all the charges at the time of granting a personal loan, you need to read between the lines. Find out their processing fee, loan cancellation charges, and loan tenure charges. Do not rely blindly on the executives of the financial institutions; check everything on your own. Do proper research on the Internet to make sure you are moving on the right track to achieve your goal.

Think About The Worst

Before signing the loan application, consider your financial situation whether you will be able to pay your EMIs on time. Delay in the monthly payment will not only increase the burden on your shoulders, it will make a direct impact on your credit score. A single missed payment will downgrade your credit score; just think about the consequences that a complete loan default will bring. That is why it is advised to act by your future financial situation.

When To Apply For A Personal Loan

Banks and financial institutions are promoting their loan products in different manners and they have simplified the personal loan approval process. Remember a single non-payment of monthly installment will hurt your credit score badly. Apply for a personal loan only in emergencies.

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