5 Places In Your Home To Install A Security Camera | CCTV Supplier In Singapore


Do not be afraid to invest in safety and security. If you are away, you can update your family about where you are going. You can also pin your location with them to give a real-time update. There are many ways to guarantee your safety, and one of them is installing a CCTV camera in your home. But before you invest in one, you might want to consider looking for a CCTV promotion package in Singapore.


You will commonly see CCTV in establishments like malls and offices. Good thing, you can also install security cameras in your home. CCTV cameras help you watch out for your home and loved ones even if you are away from them. You can use a mobile application to access your camera everywhere you go. If you notice that something is wrong in your place, you may get the help of authorities immediately. Before owning a security camera, look for a CCTV supplier in Singapore first. The company can also help you with the installation. Here are the places in your home where you can put CCTV:


Installing a CCTV camera in your gate has many advantages. For sure, you will be aware of who comes in and out of the premises. But aside from that, you can also cover the streets. If there is anything suspicious in the surroundings, you will see it. You can ask the CCTV supplier or installer to look for a good spot in your gate.


If you do not want to install a security camera in your gate, do not miss having it in your front door. Just like putting one on the entrance, you will see who comes in and out of your place. This time, it is straight to your house.


If you are not on a strict budget, you might want to consider buying a security camera for your hallways. You will see where people will go or which room they will enter. To help you buy, you can look for a CCTV promotion package to lessen the cost.


Aside from protecting the front door, think of the backdoor, too. Some culprits use this entry to sneak into the place. So to ensure that you will catch them, do not forget to install a security camera there.


The garage is where you will park or place your vehicle. And sometimes, it is what attracts thieves to get into your place. You will see them going to your home and targeting the garage first. Aside from the car, they will also see various equipment there. To keep this area safe, ask the CCTV supplier to install a camera there.

You can buy and install security cameras for these areas in your home with the help of CCTV companies in Singapore. They will help you choose the applicable CCTV for your house, even installation. Do not forget these five places where you can put a camera.



People have a basis when looking for a CCTV camera. They look for something that pans and tilts or has a night vision. However, do people also have a standard when looking for a CCTV supplier in Singapore? Before you find the best security camera for your home, you first need to know the establishment where you will buy it. Here are the red flags you need to watch out for in a seller:


Websites or social media must have an update. Customers will rely on the products and services there, so not updating them can mislead clients of what they can expect from the seller. Since the website is about a CCTV supplier, the pricing and services must be there. Also, the contact number and customer service must be active. Those two are necessary if issues are occurring on the product.


Businesses must have certification to operate. And since the seller offers security cameras, having a license is necessary. If they do not provide it, consider looking for a new supplier. Whatever product or service you search online, ensure that they are legitimate and reliable to avoid being a scam victim.


Customer service is necessary for any business, even in CCTV companies in Singapore. If they do not exist, who will help the customers? It is hard to imagine a website without customer service because getting clients will already be challenging.


The ratings and reviews are helpful to know the CCTV supplier more. But if you notice that the one you are looking at is full of negative comments, it is a sign that you need to look for a new website. Those words were from the previous clients, so you know that they have experience with the product and the seller first-hand.


The seller can provide security cameras, but they must also be knowledgeable in using them. They are the ones who will teach their customers how to install and use it, so having ideas can help them start. If the one you are talking to is new in the business, look for someone who can answer your inquiries. In this case, you may want to look for a home improvement platform in Singapore like Homees to find trusted professionals.


The major red flag is if the pricing is incorrect or changes every time you check. You will also notice it if you ask the CCTV supplier about their pricing. Do not be a victim of fake websites, and look for a new seller online. There are many shops on the internet, and all you need to do is have patience in searching for them.

You can protect your home and family even if you are away from them. Thanks to security cameras because they serve as your eyes if you are not with your loved ones. You do not need to worry because they can help you, even in emergencies. Learn more about what CCTV cameras can do with the help of CCTV companies in Singapore. Visit the website of KirinCCTV for products and services.